STEM Builders mission is to ignite passion and enthusiasm for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in every student. We provide education by bringing STEM to life in a fun and interactive way. Our curriculum is aimed to develop life skills and improve students' knowledge.
STEM Builders programs are structured and designed such a way that no child is left behind. Our goal is to improve:

  • Collaboration and Team Work
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Logical Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Innovation
  • Exploration
  • Passion & Love for STEM



  1. Robotics for Kids | STEM Builders ROBOTICS & Math Learning Center
    Robotics for Kids
    WHAT IS ROBOTICS? Robotics is the science and technology of robots, their design, manufacture, and application. In order to take Robotics one-step further STEM Builders has a unique curriculum to teach ROBOTICS with hands on experience. Students will be learning how to program robots with various programming techniques and designs. Courses vary by age group.
  2. Math for Kids | STEM Builders ROBOTICS & Math Learning Center
    Math for K-8
    STEM Builders now offers self paced, self learning Math curriculum for grades K-8. Our teaching technique and course material will help students understand math concepts step by step. Our self-paced curriculum and frequent evaluation, makes sure your child enters and advances to the correct grade level. With the help of our qualified and trained tutors, we make it easy for everyone.
  3. Enrichment Programs | STEM Builders ROBOTICS & Math Learning Center
    STEM Builders Enrichment program
    Help your kids think fast and creative! We offer many enrichment programs throughout the year. Our unique curriculum and teaching style will improve your child's essential life skills. Call us to know more about ROBOTICS Competition Participation Summer Camp, Girl Scouts Camp & Other STEM Enrichment programs
  4. Robotics Birthday parties | STEM Builders ROBOTICS & Math Learning Center
    Robotics Birthday parties
    Have a birthday coming up? We’ll make your party STEM-tastic with LEGO® Robotics projects kids love! Want to have a fun day with your family? We organize events for you and your kids. We make it PERSONALIZED PRIVATE EASY
In today's competitive society it is important that your child is able to think outside the box. Along with education, to be successful in your life; Logical thinking, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, passion and teamwork are key skills. STEM Builders provides a unique combination of STEM, robotics, math and fun. We help our students by laying the foundation for these key objectives through our specially designed and structured programs.

STEM Builders curriculum is designed so that no student is left behind. Each student gets an opportunity to work on designing, programming, documenting, and exploring and practicing science and math. They also work in teams to learn collaboration and communication. By sharing their work at the end of every project, our students develop confidence and presentation skills. We challenge our students with advanced curriculum, helping them develop critical thinking, logical thinking and problem solving skills.

Most importantly, all this is done in a fun way and inspires passion for STEM in students, which is our ultimate goal.