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Enroll your kids in our STEM classes to unlock their potential as innovators. Our skilled instructors inspire curiosity and critical thinking with state-of-the-art techniques. Discover a passion for lifelong learning. Join us!

Hands-On STEM Education for Kids 6-17

STEM Builders is a leader in STEM education for kids ages 6-17. We offer a variety of programs that teach kids essential STEM skills in a fun and engaging way.
Hands on Learning

Learn STEM through fun and engaging hands-on projects, and develop your creativity and innovation skills with our unique curriculum.

Small Class Size

Get PERSONALIZED attention from our experienced tutors with a low student-to-teacher ratio of 8:1.


STEM Builders COMBO OFFER: Everything you need for a well-rounded STEM education at an affordable price! Twice a Week MATH K-8 & Once a Week ROBOTICS.

Essential Life Skills

LOGICAL Thinking
Problem Solving

Curriculum Standards

Proprietary STEM curriculum
Hands-on experiments as per NGSS
Technology standards as per ISTC
Follows standards for technology literacy ITEA
K-8 Math program aligned with CCSSM


Onsite & Online Group Lessons
1-on-1 Private Lessons
Once a Week Program
Twice a Week Program

Choose from our Flexible Learning Styles

Instructor-led Progressive Paths

Instructor-led classes are a structured and collaborative learning environment that follows a set timeline. Students receive direct instruction and feedback from the instructor, and have the opportunity to develop essential teamwork and collaboration skills through hands-on activities. This combination of structure, collaboration, and real-world experience provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

Self-paced Progressive Tracks

Our self-paced coding program offers students the flexibility to learn at their own pace, with the support of qualified instructors available on demand. This approach encourages students to focus on one topic at a time and master those skills from beginner to advanced level.

Instructor-led Crash Courses

Our instructor-led crash courses are short-term, intensive learning programs that are led by experienced instructors. These courses are designed to help kids learn a specific skill or knowledge set in a fun and engaging way.

Our Areas of Expertise


Robotics for kids teaches STEM in an exciting way by building robots and learning programming, design and development within the field.
This exploration helps to increase creativity and programming skills. It's a great foundation for success in an ever-changing technological era.


The acquisition of coding skills presents an excellent avenue for youths of varied ages to cultivate their cognitive abilities such as problem-solving and critical thinking. It is a remarkable means to develop a keen focus and organizational proficiency, which culminates in successfully seeing projects through to completion.


STEM Builders provides a self-paced Math curriculum for K-8 students, with quality course materials and a spiral learning approach to unlock their full math potential. Join our program for confident and passionate mathematicians. Invest in your child's success with STEM Builders today.


Early engineering education benefits children by providing a strong foundation for future success in STEM subjects. It helps them acquire valuable skills, explore their abilities, and engage in practical exercises for effective problem-solving. It also promotes innovative thinking and provides resources for exploring their passions.


Actively participating in science education promotes critical thinking and independent discovery. Hands-on experiences such as observation, experimentation, questioning and sensory exploration have a long-lasting impact that results in retained memories and knowledge useful throughout a child's life.

Our Exciting Services

Enroll Your Child Today and Invest in Their Future

STEM Builders’ 1-on-1 Online Accelerated Math & Coding Program is an investment in your child’s future, providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in a world that increasingly relies on STEM skills. Enroll your child today and watch them blossom into a confident and enthusiastic STEM learner!

Key Advantages of Our 1-on-1 Online Accelerated Math & Coding Program:

  • Personalized instruction tailored to each student’s unique learning style and pace
  • Experienced and passionate instructors who provide engaging and supportive learning experiences
  • Accelerated Math Program that strengthens core mathematical concepts and introduces advanced topics
  • Coding Program that empowers students to create interactive games, animations, and applications
  • Flexible scheduling options to accommodate busy schedules
  • Convenient online learning platform that allows students to participate from anywhere
  • Affordable pricing that makes quality STEM education accessible to all


Contact us today to learn more about our 1-on-1 Online Accelerated Math & Coding Program and how we can help your child unlock their STEM potential!

STEM Builders Math: Comprehensive Math Education for Grades K-8

Our Self-Paced, Self-Learning Math Curriculum provides a comprehensive and engaging math education for students in grades K-8. Our experienced and dedicated tutors provide personalized support, and our curriculum aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), National Science Education Standards (NSES), and Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Key Benefits:

  • Self-paced, self-learning curriculum that allows students to progress at their own speed
  • Spiral learning model that revisits and reinforces concepts for deeper understanding
  • Personalized support from experienced and dedicated tutors who provide individualized attention and guidance
  • Alignment with national curriculum standards, ensuring that students are learning the essential math concepts they need to succeed in school and beyond
  • Affordable pricing that makes quality STEM education accessible to all


Contact us today to learn more about STEM Builders Math and how we can help your child unlock their mathematical potential!

Ignite Your Child’s Passion for STEM with STEM Enrichment Paths

Our innovative after-school program aligns with national standards and provides a wide variety of age-appropriate STEM Paths for students to explore, discover, and be curious. Through hands-on learning in the exciting world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Robotics (STEM), students will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, foster creativity and innovation, gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge STEM technologies, build a strong foundation in STEM concepts, and cultivate a lifelong love of learning.

Explore Our Diverse Selection of STEM Paths:

  • Little Xplorers Path (Grades K-2)
  • Junior Xperts Path (Grades 3-5)
  • Senior Xperts Path (Grades 6-8)
  • Senior Xcoder Path (Grades 8+)
  • Math Xcel (K-8)


Contact us today to learn more about STEM Enrichment Paths and how we can help your child unlock their STEM potential!

STEM Builders Community Education: Enrich your life with STEM learning opportunities for all ages and skill levels.

Our experienced instructors provide hands-on learning experiences in a variety of STEM subjects, including computer programming, web development, engineering, math, and more.

Contact us today to learn more about our STEM Community Education programs and how we can help you or your child achieve STEM goals!

Make Your Child’s Birthday a STEM-tastic Celebration with STEM Builders!

Our hands-on robotics projects will captivate kids of all ages, making it a truly unique and memorable experience.

Unleash Their Inner Engineers

Our experienced instructors will guide your child and their friends through exciting robotics challenges, allowing them to build, program, and control their very own robots. They’ll learn the fundamentals of engineering, problem-solving, and teamwork while having a blast!

A Party They’ll Never Forget


Every child attending your STEM Builders birthday party will receive a FREE TRIAL SESSION coupon to experience our regular classes. This is an excellent opportunity for them to continue their STEM journey and explore the exciting world of robotics further.

Contact us today to book your child’s STEM-tastic birthday party and make it one they’ll cherish forever!

STEM Builders Afterschool Programs: Where Fun Meets STEM Learning

Looking for an afterschool program that sparks curiosity, fosters creativity, and ignites a passion for STEM in young minds? STEM Builders Enrichment Programs is the answer! Our hands-on and engaging STEM courses, including robotics, game design, coding, electronic circuits, and mathematics, are designed to cater to a wide range of interests and abilities.

We provide flexible scheduling options, transportation, and homework help to ensure a seamless and enriching afterschool experience for your child. Enroll your child today and watch them blossom into a confident and enthusiastic STEM learner!

Unleash your child’s STEM potential with hands-on learning and engaging activities.

Enroll your child today and watch them thrive!

STEM Builders:  STEM Exploration in Camps

Embark on an unforgettable summer journey with STEM Builders, where curiosity, creativity, and a passion for STEM ignite. Our engaging and hands-on summer camps offer a diverse range of STEM experiences, including robotics, game design, coding, electronic circuits, and mathematics, catering to various interests and abilities.

Immerse your child in a world of fun and discovery as they build, program, control robots, design their own video games, master coding skills, explore electronic circuits, and strengthen their math fundamentals. Our flexible scheduling options, including half-day or full-day camps, allow you to choose the perfect fit for your child’s schedule.

We ensure a seamless and enriching experience with adequate breaks for recharging and refreshing, outdoor time for exploration and fun, and early arrival and extended care options for your convenience. Contact your nearest STEM Builders location to learn more about our exciting summer camps and unleash your child’s STEM potential this summer!

Unleash Your Child’s STEM Potential for an unforgettable STEM adventure with STEM Builders!

Girl Scouts Workshops: Unleashing the STEM Potential in Every Girl

Girl Scouts of all ages and levels are invited to embark on an exciting STEM adventure with our engaging and hands-on workshops. Discover the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) as you build, explore, and create in a fun and supportive environment.

Key Benefits of Girl Scouts STEM Workshops:

  • Hands-on learning with engaging activities
  • Explore a variety of STEM fields
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Foster creativity and innovation
  • Join a community of like-minded peers
  • Prepare for a future in STEM
  • Gain valuable skills and knowledge
  • Have fun and make new friends


Unleash your STEM potential and become a future innovator with Girl Scouts!

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If you’re looking for a business opportunity that allows you to make a real difference in the world, a STEM Builders franchise is the perfect fit for you.

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