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We know you have questions, and we're here to answer them! Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about STEM Builders Learning Center

STEM Builders Math program follows Common Core State Standards for Math. Forty-one states, the District of Columbia, four territories, and the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) have adopted the Common Core State Standards.

While there are two types of approaches to learning math, Rote Math often referred to as Memorization and another is automaticity. At STEM Builders we follow, the Automaticity approach. By promoting the learning of math facts and mathematics in general through purposeful mathematical experiences, students are not only able to recall their new learning, but they can also do so with understanding.

At STEM Builders we do not give homework. In order to attain the proficiency your student deserves, we at STEM Builders need to spend time twice a week with your student. You don’t want to spend time at home for math when you are already paying us. 2 times a week 60-75 mins focus for one subject is required to achieve goals and progress. We take care of your students math completely that way you can focus on other extracurricular activities for them.


Our Tutors are handpicked and they undergo rigorous assessment before they are selected for teaching. All tutors will need to pass our certification exam to be eligible to take the class.

No. Students are assessed when they join STEM Builders Math program. Based on the result we customize a curriculum for each student. This helps fill in gaps in their learning and allows students to soar past topics they already know.

At STEM Builders, we follow Sequencing method concept. Concepts are broken into chunks and sequenced such a way that, leads students until they understand the whole concept. We use, Visual Representation for better understanding , Abstract problem solving & Drills.

Self guidance helps student build self confidence. Our tutors act as guard rails by constantly supervising their work, reviewing the completed worksheet immediately and there by course correcting as required. Our tutors also act as a problem solving partners and hence students are comfortable to work with them.

We at STEM Builders take the responsibility of getting your students work done, hence we do not give home work. Did you know that Homework is directly related to Stress in students? However there are other factors contributing to stress, but Study shows homework adds stress. Hence we do not give home work. Another reason is your student is already doing 4 to 5 hrs of math at school, + 2-3 hrs of home work, and + 2.5 hrs of STEM Builders Math. All these adds up to a lot of math already. Below article could help why additional homework might not be a good idea…

Yes. After the STEM Builders level curriculum is completed by the student, students undergo a very high standard placement tests.

Very often. As we maintain 1:5 ratio, there is constant vigilance on what is being worked on by your student. Every 15 mins or less, our tutors/coaches review the completed worksheet and immediately provide feedback. There by course correction as required.

Yes. STEM Builders Math is very strong in teaching children to understand math concepts and not just memorize. Similar to Singapore Math. Through understanding of Concept 1 before moving to next concept (Spiral Approach) the students master the topic.

Yes. STEM Builders math contains multiple Math problems. You are not alone in this battle with students having difficultly in word problem. Hence, we have close to 40% math problems which is most compared to other math tutoring worksheets.

Yes. All STEM Builders Math material contain multiple step math problems. These problem motivate the students from far more dull, boring word problems from the textbook. It will show students how mathematics is truly USEFUL. This also helps in critical THINKING. Also the workbooks contain activities or problem situations taken from real-life, with real data.


Yes, our curriculum focuses on developing 21st Century skills. Our classes are setup such a way that no one is left behind. However for students who can complete the work early, we provide additional challenges to try. At STEM Builders we often challenge students to continue learning at home or when they are away from our center. We give them challenges to do outside the class. This information is shared via our parent communication emails.

Unfortunately STEM curriculum is not part of state standards in schools. Every school district comes up with their own curriculum to provide exposure to STEM education. It is improving day by day but still there is not enough funding for schools to focus more on these subjects. They also need to take care of all other subjects such as Math, Science, social studies, music, sports and so much more. Our institute mainly focuses on Robotics, Coding and Math. Technology is constantly changing and becoming more and more mandatory.

The current generation is moving fast in the area of STEM. Various winter and summer camps are more to give students an exposure and understand their interest. These camps are more for fun and they do not offer continuity. They are covering the breadth and not the depth of the subject. It’s definitely okay to start and find your students interest. But without a vision on how this will help and where this will fit its difficult. At STEM Builders we will provide a plan on how your student can move from one place to another. 

No. At STEM Builders we provide all the technology required for them to learn. We update our curriculum with the latest Robots that provide learning to the students. As a parent its your choice to buy the robots and or laptops. For advanced classes like Python, Java, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development & mobile app development you can bring a Windows or Mac book. And in order to not disturb the class schedule, please work with our coaches. Our coaches are very happy to help setup before or after the class.

Every two students in STEM Builders share a robot. This helps collaborative skills and also share monotonous tasks with one another there by reducing boredom. This also helps complete good course content in a single class.

Communication is the key at STEM Builders. We provide updates after every lesson as soon as they complete. The parent communication email is sent as soon as the class is complete. These communication will give you details about what they learnt, how you can help them practice and standards alignment.

Yes, you are most welcome to come and sit in the class for the last 10-15 mins. If you would like to sit for the entire class, please discuss with the local center director and plan accordingly.

However it might look the same, but there is a big difference between both of these. Main difference between being Junior Xperts projects are unguided and students are challenged in every class with more advanced topics.

Each Little Xplorers and Junior Xperts class starts and ends in the same session. There is no continuity from the previous class or classes. However there are some occasions where there is continuity, in such cases you will be notified and we will arrange special classes for your student to come and learn as a make over class.


Monthly option will give the same course material as any one time course fee. However we believe that more the students come more they learn. Every often we change the core skills for the program moving from Engineering to Coding to Science and etc., hence students enrolled in Monthly programs take advantage of all the aspects of STEM. This also builds confidence in them as they open to come forward to share their experience with others and there by developing communication skills.

Yes, we offer make over classes. However we request you to limit such make over classes as this involves logistic and scheduling issues on our end. STEM Builders team is happy to work with you in case this happens often to find a better alternative.

We at STEM Builders believe that our courses and fun and learning at the same time. But we do understand it might not be a right fit for your students learning needs. We can work with you and student to make sure you are satisfied. If that does not work, we are happy to refund based on the refund policy.

At STEM Builders we often challenge students to continue learning at home or when they are away from our center. We give them challenges to do outside the class. This information is shared via our parent communication emails.

At STEM Builders we believe in open communication. Communication about the progress and completion of an activity is done immediately after the class. There could be occasions when the class or activity is split into multiple sessions in such cases you will receive at the end of the class session. You are always free to stop in and ask us about the progress.

Yes, you are welcome to come and sit in the class for the last 10-15 mins. If you would like to sit for the entire class, please discuss with the local center director and plan accordingly.

Yes, we welcome walk ins. But we do not want to over crowd a full class that is scheduled during your visit, hence call us to plan for your walk in.

Yes. Please contact your local center and plan your visit.

At STEM Builders during your visit, we can discuss with you about our child needs. Discuss what is the right program for your child. Discuss how this will help in their STEM needs. Visit our safe and student friendly class rooms. Check out our students achievements and awards (Visit awards page). Check out cool projects performed by our students.

At STEM Builders we have a very collaborative environment, therefore our class room seating varies by the course. For Math, 5 students face the their coach. For Robotics all 8 students face each other in a pod like environment. For Coding, technology classes they all face the teacher or coach.

Yes. Most courses have a break for 5 mins.

At STEM Builders all classes start and end on time. Coaches do not wait for everyone to arrive to start the class. We expect all students to arrive on the time.

Yes. We recruit tutors who have excellent academic math skills. One identified and selected through the interview process. We have our tutors go through a certification exam. This 2 hrs exam is to test tutors math skills. During the interview we look at their interpersonal skills and how they work with students. Only when satisfied they are selected. During the first month they are reviewed for their interaction with the students & parents.

Yes. All our Math tutors are certified as mentioned earlier. And all other tutors have prior experience in the subject matter. If no prior experience, STEM Builders Center Director ensure tutors are trained atleast 10 hrs before they can begin the class.

Yes, as stated all of them go through training and evaluation before being asked to take class independently. However all our tutors come 30 mins early to the class and prepare a head of team. This ensures all the technology is ready and in place as well. Parents can always come early and talk to Tutors if there are any questions.

Refer to our program page for more details.


Yes, but we prefer check or Bank account.

No. There is no fee for using Credit card, however we prefer Check or Bank account.

For full course fee, you will be charged a head of the class start. For monthly charges you will be charged in the first week of the month.

We at STEM Builders believe that our courses are fun and learning at the same time. But we do understand it might not be a right fit for your students. We can work with you and student to make sure you are satisfied. If that does not work, we are happy to refund based on the refund policy.

We understand there could be situations where you would like to Cancel. We prefer 1 month notice to help us plan and work our logistics. The refund policy varies by course and or events. Please contact your local center for more details.

Yes. We take data security and privacy very serious. We use third party provide for credit card transaction and your card information is encrypted during the processing.

Only the person who entering the information during the registration knows the credit card details. Once submitted the information is not visible to anyone except for the last four digits.

No. None of the staff has access to full credit card information. Only the last four digits of the card information is visible for reference purpose.

Yes. At STEM Builders all classes start and end on time. We normally allow 10-15 mins time for parents to pick their students after the class ends. If the delay exceeds certain time, there could be charges on your monthly bill (varies by location).

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