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Unleash Young Minds in Central VA:
STEM Builders Classes Launch!
Ignite the flames of curiosity and empower your child to explore the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and math with STEM Builders, now open in Plymouth! We offer a vibrant learning space brimming with interactive programs tailored to spark imagination and build essential 21st-century skills.
What awaits you at STEM Builders of Central VA:
Flexible Learning Styles
Find your perfect fit with our flexible learning styles.
Instructor-led Progressive Paths

Instructor-led classes are a structured and collaborative learning environment that follows a set timeline. Students receive direct instruction and feedback from the instructor, and have the opportunity to develop essential teamwork and collaboration skills through hands-on activities. This combination of structure, collaboration, and real-world experience provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

Self-paced Progressive Tracks

Our self-paced coding program offers students the flexibility to learn at their own pace, with the support of qualified instructors available on demand. This approach encourages students to focus on one topic at a time and master those skills from beginner to advanced level.

Register for STEM Path and Track Program

Difference between STEM Builders Track and Path Programs

FeatureTrack ProgramPath Program
FocusMastery of specific STEM skills and concepts within a focused area of interestExploration of multiple STEM disciplines to discover passions and build a broad foundation
StructureSequential courses within a chosen track, building expertise over timeFlexible selection of courses across different STEM areas, allowing for experimentation and discovery
Time CommitmentTypically longer-term commitment to a specific trackShorter-term commitment to individual courses, allowing for more flexibility and exploration
ProjectsIn-depth projects within the chosen track, showcasing deep understanding and application of skillsVariety of projects across different STEM areas, fostering versatility and problem-solving skills
Ideal forStudents who have a clear passion for a particular STEM field and want to develop expertiseStudents who are curious about different STEM areas and want to explore their options before committing to a specific focus

Additional Considerations:

  • Age: Track programs may be more suitable for older students with more defined interests, while Path programs can cater to a wider age range and encourage exploration.
  • Goals: Consider whether the student aims to develop expertise in a specific area or build a broader understanding of STEM before choosing a program.
  • Learning style: Track programs often provide a structured approach, while Path programs allow for more flexibility and self-directed learning.


It’s important to note that specific program offerings and details may vary by location.

Unsure which program to choose?

Let your child’s curiosity be the guide! If they already have a favorite STEM subject, the STEM Track Programs offer focused learning and skill development. But if they’re eager to explore diverse areas, the STEM Path Programs offer a flexible journey of discovery. Crash Courses are perfect for trying out new topics and sparking new interests.

Specific to student profiles:

  • Future robot builder? Dive into the Robotics Track Program and master coding robots, design challenges, and even compete in tournaments!
  • Creative problem solver? The STEM Path Programs are your playground – mix and match science experiments, coding projects, and design challenges to build your unique skillset.
  • Short on time, big on curiosity? Crash Courses are your answer – explore exciting topics like 3D printing, animation, or rocket science in bite-sized learning bursts!


Ready to unlock your child’s STEM potential? Contact us today and we’ll help you find the perfect program!

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