Girl Scout Badges

Spark Your Girl Scout's Inner Engineer with
STEM Builders Badges!
Ready to unlock the world of robots and coding for your Girl Scout troop?
STEM Builders offers exciting camps designed to empower girls of all ages (K-12th grade) to earn valuable STEM badges and unleash their inner innovators.

Why STEM Builders Girl Scout Badges

Choose STEM Builders and watch your Girl Scouts flourish as they embark on their badge-earning journeys!
Calling all Girl Scouts!
Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of STEM and earn valuable badges along the way?
Look no further than STEM Builders! We offer engaging camps designed specifically for all Girl Scout grades, helping you explore robotics, coding, design, and more.
Designing Robots

Grades 9-10 | 3 hrs
Embrace the future of work by building robots that assist humans in difficult or dangerous situations. Choose a challenge, brainstorm solutions, plan, build, and test your prototype to see its impact.

Programming Robots

Grades 9-10 | 3 hrs
Unravel the intricacies of robot mechanics and delve into different control methods, including computer programming. Master essential concepts and unleash the full potential of your robotic creation.

Showcasing Robots

Grades 9-10 | 3 hrs
From competitions to crowdfunding campaigns, engineers share their work in diverse ways. Now's your chance to present your robot prototype and explore exciting career paths in robotics.

Designing Robots

Grades 11-12 | 3 hrs
Make life better through the power of social robots! Employ the Design Thinking Process to build a model that addresses specific needs. Brainstorm, plan, build, and test your prototype to see how it impacts those it's designed for.

Programming Robots

Grades 11-12 | 3 hrs
Gain a deeper understanding of robot anatomy by building a simple motorized robot. Then, apply advanced programming concepts like functions and loops to unlock even more capabilities in your creations.

Showcasing Robots

Grades 11-12 | 3 hrs
The world awaits your innovation! Share your robot design through challenges, competitions, or marketing campaigns. This is your chance to leave your mark on the world of robotics.

And the best part?
These camps are designed to be fun, engaging, and educational, ensuring you have a blast while earning those coveted STEM badges. Our experienced instructors will guide and support you every step of the way, encouraging your creativity and problem-solving skills.

Ready to unleash your inner Girl Scout engineer?
Contact STEM Builders today and embark on your badge-earning adventure! We can't wait to help you explore the possibilities of STEM!
Badge Earning

Earn valuable STEM badges in an engaging and fun environment.

Diverse Program Options

Choose from age-appropriate activities tailored to your skill level and interests

Hands-On Learning

Build robots, write code, and experiment with electronics to solidify your understanding

Real-World Application

Design robots that address global challenges and make a positive impact

Confidence and Skill Building

Develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills

Future-Ready Skills

Gain valuable experience in coding, robotics, and engineering, opening doors to future careers.

Connect with Peers

Share your passion for STEM with like-minded girls and foster friendships

Explore Robotics Careers

Learn about diverse opportunities in robotics and discover your potential.

Key Take Aways with STEM Builders Girl Scout Badges

Contact us today to learn more about Girl Scout Badges and how we can help your child unlock their STEM potential!

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