STEM Builders Robotics Program

ROBOTICS & Programming Services

  1. Age Group 6 - 8
    Little Xplorers - Robotics and Science
    90 mins. / Week
    Little Xplorers program primarily focuses on Robotics, Science and self-expression. Our program using genuine LEGO® bricks will enhance student’s reflection, self-expression and programming skills. To further Enrich your students learning experience we host DIY science experiments along with teaching science behind. By building, designing, and testing solutions, students work as young scientists and engineers
  2. Age Group 8 - 10
    Junior Xperts - Robotics and SCRATCH programming
    90 mins. / Week
    Junior Xperts program is a combination of Engineering and Robotics and programming. Our course comes with everything needed for students to begin investigating and understanding simple-powered machines, structures and mechanisms. This course also provides experience to build and program using genuine LEGO® robotic solutions. We also challenge our Xperts to design and program complex robots. To further Enrich your students learning experience we host DIY science experiments and SCRATCH programming along with understanding the science concepts behind it.
  3. Age Group 10 - 14
    Senior Xtreme - Introduction to Robotics - Level 1
    90 mins. / Week
    Introduction to Robotics is a first step where students develop and engineer a technology that solves real world problems. They learn basics of robotics using genuine LEGO® MINDSTORMS® education solutions. In this program they learn program various motors and sensors. Introduction to Robotics program goes beyond and also cover some advance concepts such as loops and switches. Duration : 3-4 Months
  4. Age Group 10 - 14
    Senior Xtreme - Robotics Challenge - Level 3
    90 mins. / Week
    We challenge our Xtreme student to build their own robotic system. Course includes working on project where students will be designing and programming their robots in a team. Duration: Each project 2-4 Months
  5. Age Group 10 - 14
    Senior Xtreme - Robotics Computer science - Level 2
    90 mins. / Week
    Robotics computer science is for students graduated from our Introduction to Robotics are now ready for more advanced learning. This program covers computer science programming using genuine LEGO® MINDSTORMS® sets. Duration: 4-5 Months
  6. Age Group 11-15
    Senior Xcoders - Introduction to Python Programming
    90 mins. / Week
    Interested in learning a computer programming language but unsure of how and where to begin? This course, is a great place to start for middle schoolers. Python is an easy and fun language to learn, and it is now one of the most popular programming languages, suitable for almost any task from developing graphical user interfaces to building web applications.